Building Codes

All Quik-Shield products meet the toughest testing and approval standards and are code compliant.


New 2012 Building Codes

The new 2012 IECC Building Codes are coming and some municipalities are already starting to incorporate the new changes.  Are you prepared?

With greater demands for energy-efficiency many see these new changes as a dramatic leap over the 2009 codes.  Some of the key changes include:

  • Greater energy performance requirements (30% improvement over 2006 IECC)
  • Tighter envelope, tighter ducts, better windows, more efficient lighting
  • Mandatory blower-door testing – 5ach50 (zones 1-2), 3ach50 (zones 3-8)
  • Mechanical ventilation required in most parts of US
  • Elimination of thermal bridging in zones 6-8

Tight building envelopes and mandatory blower door testing will push the capabilities of traditional insulating materials of fiberglass and cellulose.  Builders and contractors who have made the switch to spray foam will find it easy to pass these new codes.  Quik-Shield spray foam is the insulation of choice to meet the building demands of the future.