Environmentally Friendly

Quik-Shield spray foam insulation is extremely energy-efficient and can reduce heating and cooling bills by 40% or more.  The smaller energy consumption rate translates to a reduction in the amount of CO2 emissions because less energy is required to be generated.

Living in a home with spray foam insulation for 10 years can save 60,500 pounds of CO2 emissions*

Equivalent to:

  • CO2 emissions from 4,680 gallons of gasoline
  • CO2 emissions from driving a car around the Earth 3.7 times
  • Carbon absorbed annually by 1,070 tree seedlings grown for 10 years
  • Carbon absorbed annually by 8.9 acres of pine forest
  • CO2 emissions from 1,740 propane cylinders used for home barbeques

*Based on 2,400 square foot example home, actual carbon footprint and energy savings will vary based on a number of factors including, local climate, and layout and design of the home.

Additionally Quik-Shield spray foam is guaranteed not to sag or settle over the life of the home.  This is an benefit over traditional insulating materials that may need to be replaced due to sagging or settling.  This sustainable advantage saves future resources and reduces landfill diversion and costs.